Mehrangarh Fort In Jodhpur Is The Soul Of Royal Heritage!

Mehrangarh Fort

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After spending ample time at the Nasiyan jain temple, the exhibits urged me to plan a visit to a nice fort or a palace. I was already in a place which is famous for forts, so I just had to finalize upon one. I had already visited Umaid Bhawan Palace, so something of that stature was none other than Mehrangarh Fort.


This royal fort is situated in the vicinity of Sardar Government museum and took me just 10 minutes to reach. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is one of the largest forts in Rajasthan. The fort is situated literally at the height of 400 ft and spreads over 5 kms. Once I reached at the top, the exhilarating view of the city was mind blowing.

View of the City from the Fort

View of the City from the Fort | Image Resource :

As I entered the fort I was left awestruck looking at the huge walls. Inside the fort, there were various palaces that had some amazing carvings. These carvings left me spellbound as they brought alive the story of the Rathores of Jodhpur. Their courage, adventure and triumph were beautifully depicted in these carvings. There was no ticket for the fort but the museum had an entry fee. I also opted for a superb audio guide which was available in 11 different languages.

Mehrangarh Fort Interiors

Mehrangarh Fort Interiors | Image Resource :

Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Mehrangarh Fort Museum | Image Resource :

Elephant Seat Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Elephant Seat Mehrangarh Fort Museum | Image Resource :

The fort remains open from morning 09:00 am till 5:00 pm so I arrived there bang on time. The ticket fare for foreign tourists was Rs. 400 and Rs. 60 for Indian tourists. As I proceeded with my tour, I was amazed looking at cannonball hits on the Dodh Kangra Pol gate. The iron spikes on one of the fort’s entrance gates to deter enemy elephants were simply remarkable. Each palace constructed by Rao Jodha Singh inside the fort had its own architectural feature like carved panels and porches.

Dodh Kangra Pol Gate

Dodh Kangra Pol Gate | Image Resource :

My curiosity had reached new heights as I was about to enter the museum. It was a treat to see the well preserved and the amazing set of palanquins, furniture, cannons, royal cradles, costumes, arms and musical instruments. I was feeling so proud to have been born in the country with such rich heritage!

Palanquins at Mehrangarh Fort

Palanquins at Mehrangarh Fort | Image Resource :

Swords at Museum

Swords at Museum | Image Resource :

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