Nasiyan Jain Temple Ajmer – An Architectural Splendor !

The popular Jain shrine, Nasiyan Jain Temple Ajmer was our next destination. It is also called Soniji Ki Nasiyan. It is the main attraction for the Jains. The Nasaiyan Digambara temple and a two storied Svarana Nagara Hall that lies behind the temple, also known as the Museum was built by the Soni family of Ajmer. Even now, the ownership of the temple lies with them.

Nasiyan Jain Temple is an architectural delight that was built in the late nineteenth century. Its main chamber called Swarna Nagari houses a number of wooden figures polished in gold. These figures represent eminent leaders in the Jain religion. 

Nasiyan Jain Temple Ajmer

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Dedicated to Rishabha and Adinatha, the temple was erected in 1865 using red sandstone. After that it took twenty five years to design and assemble thousands of individual parts that would depict the story of Rishabha as it is there in the old manuscript of Jainism. The idea of depicting the story of the famous Jain Guru was conceived by Seth Moolchand Soni who took up this initiative. The purpose was to educate the future generations about the evolution of Jainism. However, he could not see his vision culminate to reality as he dies 1830 much before the completion of the temple.

One of the most common features in the Jain Temples are the famous ‘pancha-kalyanak’ or five auspicious events of life namely, conception, birth, renunciation, enlightenment and salvation. Lord Rishabhdev was the first of the 24 Tirthankars. This temple is dedicated to him.


India is a land of saints. Time and again enlightened souls have taken birth in this soil and prophesied the righteous path to the mankind. Jainism is one of the ancient religions belonging to the Sramana tradition. It teaches men to lead a nonviolent life. It teaches to be benevolent towards all living being and lead a life that aims at the liberation of the soul.

Visiting the Jain temple in Ajmer was a very enriching experience for me and my family. We had our lunch at a local food joint outside the temple and headed towards the hotel.

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