Chandigarh to Ajmer – An Overnight Train Journey

Ajmer has always been on my list of holiday destination. Hence, when we got a long weekend off, we planned to pack our bags and head towards Ajmer. It was a last minute decision so I got Tatkal train tickets done.

Honestly, I am absolutely technologically challenged, but my wife is not. She is extremely tech savvy and gets the latest mobile with updated technology whenever a new model is launched. She checked out on her travel app to find the best deals and discounts. The app gave us several options for Chandigarh Ajmer trains out of which we selected the Chandigarh Ajmer Junction Gondia Junction Rath.

We made online booking for a round trip from Chandigarh to Ajmer and back via CDG AII G Rath. The best part of the train was that it was scheduled at night as opposed to the other trains that were scheduled in the day time. Travelling at night is always better as you save an entire day for the main trip.


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We packed our bags and geared up for some good family time together in the city of Ajmer. Prabhjot was very excited and so was my wife. We reached Chandigarh railway station half an hour before the train arrival. As the train appeared, we sneaked in to find our seats. We kept the luggage and got seated.

After a while, the train started moving. There was not much to do. We waited for the dinner to be served after which we intended to retire to our respective bunks. As the trained moved ahead swaying at a particular rhythm, I looked out of the window to see the outer view in the night light.

It was a full moon night and the city was bathed in the moonlight. The train made its way with paddy fields on either side of it. It went past leaving behind trees, shrubs, paddy fields, huts et al. It crossed the rivers through the high bridges, many a pond and made its way through the dark tunnels. Dinner was served at the scheduled time. We all had our dinner and retired to our respective bunks to sleep. 

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