Yoga- For A Better Today And A Promising Tomorrow

This world is not easy to live in. Especially when you have a competitive job, married with a kid and have to deal with the Mumbai traffic every day morning and evening. Well now that you’ve guessed my life, read this:- I’m Amarjit Singh, an Insurance Agent  in my mid- thirties, married to the love of my life for four years now, father to a 3yr old kid, whose super- hero is his awesome Dad and a well paid 9 to 5 job with an Employer Of The Month souvenir sitting on my desk.

With familial responsibilities and commitments, being a Chota Bheem to your kid and you’re boss’ favorite, is not easy as it seems. My only outlet to enjoy life and reside peacefully is Yoga. Call me conventional but, believe me it works. It takes some credible amount of your time but the outcome is commendable. Here are a few tips to attain the absolute bliss and tranquility that Yoga has in store. Get ready with your Yoga mats!

Yoga Tips for Beginners

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First of all, know your body’s capabilities and try respecting it. All of us are composed of the same elements but with varied extends. Keep this in mind; treat your body according to it. While you bend or stretch, don’t forget to do it with pleasure within your capabilities and with a smile. Make yourself comfortable to do anything that’s right and don’t feel shy to smile. Meditate for long hours and feel the difference for yourself never get distracted. 

People fathom many ideas about Yoga which are partly right or otherwise. The former notion is it includes taking deep breaths and yes, it is the main essence but considering Yoga to be a mere practice or a workout but with a change in the location is definitely not an idea to start with. Consider Yoga to be a way to find the inner part of you and respect it that way.

Yoga and Meditation

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Develop a friendly bond with it and you can see wonders. Simply to say, get the yoga attitude within and feel for yourself when the body, mind and soul meet together. Then you can be here like me:- planning a surprise anniversary party for my wife, a super- hero to my kid and a promising promotion in a few days. Thanks to Yoga for the way it’s making my life better.

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