Auto World Vintage Car Museum – Rich Collection of Best Vintage and Classic Automobiles

The feeling of respect and reverence was at an all time high when we completed the visit to the Sabarmati Ashram. The life and teachings of Gandhi is showcased there in a wonderful and artistic way. After the trip to the Ashram we went to our next destination which was the Auto World Museum.

The Auto World Museum is a Vintage Car museum and contains very important collections of vintage and antique vehicles, cars and motorcycle, buggies of the yesteryears. There are many great collectibles of cars from different parts of the world, of all the ages and types. This museum has showcased that car is not only a transport but a symbol of wealth, power and style.

There are convertibles still in its romantic form, sports cars, cars specially made like railway saloons, the horse drawn carriages, the boat tailed speedsters, shooting brakes – cars which were all designed for the bourgeoisie and wealthy class of the past.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum

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There are more than 100 cars on display in the museum which is spread across acres of ground. The cars of brands like Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Daimlers, Langondas, Maybach,  Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincolns, Buicks and many more from countries of Europe and North America. The best part about these cars is that they are built according to the individual specification of the buyers and their owners.

The Horse Drawn Carriages and the boats are also on display. This museum is a must visit for the entire auto enthusiast. The rich collection of these four wheelers which can be classified as Antiques, classics and vintage can be seen inside the museum. Today Cars are available easily on EMIs and down payments but these cars belong to the generation when owning an automobile used to be a luxury which only the super rich could afford.

After the visit to the Auto World Vintage Car museum we headed to our next location which was the Gujarat Science City. It was the last place in our tour itinerary as our trip to Ahmadabad was coming to an end. So we decided to head straight to the Gujarat Science City.


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