Sabarmati Ashram – The Place Which Has Immortalised Mahatma Gandhi

Sardar Vallabbhbhai Patel National Memorial was worth a visit. We have read a lot about the life of this great man in books and seen on television but a national memorial and a museum dedicated to the person was a perfect tribute to him. After visiting this memorial, we headed to the Sabarmati Ashram which used to be the home of Gandhi and a famous centre which was used by Mahatma Gandhi as a place to guide our National Movement against the British.

Sabarmati Ashram

       Sabarmati Ashram | Image Resource :

Sabarmati is widely acknowledged throughout the world as a symbol of Gandhi’s philosophy and ethos. All the strategies of Gandhi and other Gandhian national leaders were shaped inside this ashram. The entry inside the ashram is free for everyone. One can see a large number of tourists visiting this place every day. The reverence Gandhi holds in the life of people is reflected in the crowd that comes to visit this ashram on a daily basis.

There was a feeling of calm and peace inside the premises of the ashram. This ashram used to give training and motivation to all the followers of Gandhi during the national movement on how to adopt non violence and non cooperation to help achieve India its independence. Teachings of Gandhi provided people with great spiritual and moral development inside the ashram. 

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram | Image Resource :

Gandhi was referred as ‘Bapu’ by his followers inside the ashram and very soon this word became very famous throughout the world to refer to Gandhi. The historical relevance and contributions which Gandhi made to India is reflected by all the corners of the Ashram. The authorities have managed to keep the ashram in a very good state. Gandhi’s room which houses his desk, charkha and other personal belongings are also kept in a clean and neat condition.

One can take as many pictures inside the ashram. The riverfront made along the banks of the river Sabarmati is also worth a visit. It was a terrific trip overall. Once done completing the trip to Sabarmati Ashram, we headed for the next place which was the Auto World Vintage Car Museum of Gujarat.

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