Calico Museum of Textiles – Witnessing Some Rare Indian Textiles and Art

Our stay in Ahmedabad was very fruitful and amazing till now. We visited some of the historical places and a few religious sites of the city. The local cuisine of Ahmedabad also made us all happy. The next place which we visited was one of the famous museums of the city which is known as Calico Textile Museum.

The museum is famous not only in city but in whole of India as it houses the finest textile antiques from India and around the world. The genius crafts made by artists and craftsmen from different parts of the country are very beautifully displayed in the museum. Some of the artefacts were centuries old in the museum.

There are two trips which the museums allow everyday for the general tourists. We went there in the first batch. The advance booking needs to be done for the visit to this museum. We had already done an internet booking for the visit. There were some very interesting artefacts and textiles which we witnessed inside the museum.

Calico Museum of Textiles

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A Kashmiri shawl was on display which is said to be made in a time span of four years by the artists. There are many other rare textile items which are showcased with its history, significance and value. There is also a gallery which goes by the name of Vikram Sarabhai Foundation’s name. It has collection of items which are dedicated to Indian heritage and religion.

The museum prohibits video or still photography of any kind so we were not able to keep any pictures of the antiques housed there. The information and knowledge that the museum transmits is very valuable. This is a first of a kind museum in India which is dedicated entirely to textiles of different parts of the country and world.

The tour of the museum lasted for 2 hours after which were free to visit any other location of the city. This time we headed for another famous memorial of the city known as Sardar Vallabh Bhai memorial which is dedicated to the life and contribution of Iron Man of Gujarat and son of the soil Shri Vallabh Bhai Patel.


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