Bhadra Fort – Magnificent Structure from the 14th Century Ahmedabad

It was a very pleasant experience to visit the Kankaria lake of Ahmedabad. We were happy to start our adventures of the city of Ahmedabad with such a beautiful place. Once we were done with the visit to Kankaria, we headed for another historical and significant monument of the city known as the Bhadra Fort.

The fort is another 14th century construction of the city during the reigns of the Mughals. There is a charming and rustic appeal in the fort and whenever one talks about the old and historical places of the city, Bhadra Fort is the first name to pop out from every mouth. This is probably the reason why people keep this as a must visit place in their Ahmedabad itinerary. The fort is situated between the lush green gardens which makes it very attractive.

Bhadra Fort

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There is also a temple which is located within the fort and belongs to goddess Bhadrakali. This is also the reason why the fort is known as Bhadra Fort. The fort is used by the govt of Gujarat for hoisting the national flag on Independence and republic day. An important monument by the name of Teen darwaza is located nearby the fort.

One can also see the govt buildings which houses important offices of the state govt located near the fort complex. The balconies of the Fort are a good location to click pictures of the fort. There are many other locations too inside the complex and premises of the Fort which can be used to click some pictures of this historic fort.

The art and paintings that one sees inside the complex makes one realise how big lover of art the rulers of those era were. It is certainly recommended to all the tourists of Ahmedabad to visit this Fort.

This trip to the fort was also very fruitful and informative. We came to know a lot about the history and diversity of Gujarat. The next place where we headed after this visit was the Hathee Singh Jain temple which is a very important pilgrimage site of the Jains of Gujarat.


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