Comfortable and Superfast Train Travel from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad

Sat Sri Akal, hello to everyone. Here I am back again sharing with you all another of my travel adventure. As we all were waiting for the monsoons to strike Northern parts of India amidst the scorching heat, I decided to plan a vacation with my family. This time I decided to go somewhere to western parts. The location decided by us was Ahmedabad.

I started the travel arrangement for us. As I always prefer travelling by the upper class of Indian railways, I booked tickets in one of the superfast trains from Chandigarh, CDG BDTS Superfast Express (22452). It is one of the best trains which starts from Chandigarh at 5:40 AM in the morning and goes all the way to Bandra Terminus at Mumbai. Ahmedabad is one of the passing stations.

We reached the station by 5 AM; the train was already standing on the platform. There was quite a rush of passengers. Luckily I got confirmed tickets using the IRCTC train booking app. When the train departed we all went for some quick sleep and by the time we woke up train was somewhere in Rajasthan. We had some breakfast from one the stations. There were many co passengers from Ahmedabad. I chatted with a few of them to know more about the places of interest in the city.

CDG BDTS Superfast Express

CDG BDTS Superfast Express | Image Resource :


The train was running on time and it reached all the stations in between at its scheduled time. We had dinner on our seats from at about 9 PM. I decided to stay awake and let my son and wife sleep till the time train reached the Ahmedabad Junction at about 1:30 AM. It reached the station well on time.

I had already booked a hotel in advance knowing that train will reach late in the night. After reaching the exit of the station, we hired a taxi to take us to our Hotel Greenwood Lake resort. It was situated somewhere on Gandhinagar - Sarkhej National highway and was 30 minute journey from the station. Since it was 2 o’clock in the night, our cabbie didn’t take long to take us to our hotel.

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