Feeling Blessed at Dada Dhuniwale Darbar in Khandwa

Our trip to Madhya Pradesh had come to an end and we were visiting one last place while we all were in Khandwa. It is a religious place and a temple known as the Dada Dhuniwale Darbar. Dada Dhuniwale is known and remembered in the area as one of the holy saints like Sai Babaji of Shirdi and others.

He has a large following in Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas of Khandwa. He was one of the wandering saints who used to travel all around spreading the message of peace and Godliness. Amongst his followers the saint Dada Dhuniwale is remembered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Though there is no exact history or biography about the saint but it is said that he is a saint who used to travel the entire length and breadth of the country giving sermons and preached love and brotherhood. He had mythical powers which healed the sick and made the sad happy. He breathed his last in Khandwa and as a result he took Samadhi there and it is now known as Dada Darbar, which is his Samadhi or the burial place.

Dada Dhuniwale Darbar in Khandwa

Dada Dhuniwale Darbar in Khandwa | Image Resource : khandwa.nic.in


The religious guru has a very large following and during the day of Guru Purnima, there is a fair organized in Khandwa and it is attended by millions of his followers from around the world. In India, now there are a total of 27 dhams, which are under the auspices of Dadaji. Dhuni which is known as the holy fire is being continuously burned at the place since his time. The place no doubt has a spiritual and enigmatic feel to it. There was an intense calm and silence in the place, which was full of spiritual vibes. We felt very blessed in the temple and there was certainly some connection, which all of us felt in this place.

After the trip to Dada Dhuniwale Darbar our trip to Madhya Pradesh came to an end. We definitely enjoyed in Madhya Pradesh and this trip was an immense success as far as our enjoyment level was concerned. We were taking with us some of the best memories of the place in our hearts.


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