Bhimbhetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh - Artworks and Paintings from 11th to 14th Century Buddhists

After the trip to the Raisen Fort, we headed to another part of Madhya Pradesh. This time we went to visit the historic Bhimbhetka Caves, which have recorded human history as old as 500,000 years. The caves are said to contain the oldest known petrogylphs in the world and also the awe-inspiring galleries of the ancient paintings and the remains of the Buddhist temple and lovely art from 11th century AD. There are many numerous caves with paintings and out of them only 12 to 15 are open for the common visitors.
The caves were discovered in the year 1957 by archaeologist, Dr. Vishnu Wakankar. The caves are not that famous among the Indian tourist and it is one of the places that are not visited by many people. The lovers of pre historic art and paintings should make a visit to these lovely caves to find out the beauty of these rock galleries. The place is like time machine, which takes you back to the 12th and 13th century AD when these places used to be inhabited by the Buddhist monks and they lived here in austerity as hermits.

Bhimbhetka Caves

Bhimbhetka Caves | Image Resource :


We took many images of this beautiful rock gallery. It is one of those places, which we can never find in the modernised cities with the entire contemporary infrastructure. We noticed in this largest gallery of the pre historic art that it is spread over an area of 40 square kilometres. There are some 760 counted caves, which are spread in as many as seven hills and out of these five hundred caves contain amazing artworks and paintings. The Bhimbhetka hills have the largest number of 243 caves followed by Lakha Juar having 178 caves.

Inside view Bhimbetka Caves

Inside view Bhimbetka Caves | Image Resource :

This place should be visited by people who travel to Madhya Pradesh. Places like these are very rare to find around the world. There are also Buddhist monasteries in ruins inside the complex. Apart from that there are stupas and cut beds for the Buddhist monks. It was a great trip visiting the Bhimbhetka Caves.

After this lovely trip we headed to our next destination, which was Sanchi.

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