Raisen Fort, Madhya Pradesh - Neglected Historical Site in Ruins

Once we were done with the trip to the Barna Dam in Raisen, we went to visit another prominent landmark in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh known as the Raisen Fort. The fort is very ancient and one of the lesser known forts of India, though it has a rich history which dates back to 1200 AD.

The fort until the 1500s came under the Hindu kings, including the Rajputs, but eventually it was captured by Sher Shah Suri. In 1760, it is said that the third Nawab of Bhopal Faiz Khan captured it and ever since it became a part of the princely state of Bhopal.

Raisen Fort

Raisen Fort | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org


A large part of the fort today is in ruins and it stands on sandstone rock. There are nine massive gateways on the stone walls of the fort and have 13 bastions surmounting them. There are remains of many buildings inside the fort, including a mosque and a school. When we visited the fort in Raisen, there was little sadness in us to see such a historic fort lying in ruins and completely deserted even by the government. There were no tourists also and it had a complete deserted look.

Those who visit Madhya Pradesh and loves to visit the off-beat and unconventional places, which are not shown on books and TV and not even promoted by government, I advise them to visit this fort and do so specially in day light. Tourist and bloggers should come here in large numbers so that the neglected attitude of tourism department towards this beautiful fort is brought to an end. I heard from a local visitor that the Ministry of Tourism is now planning to develop this fort as a major tourist destination, which I hope is done early and soon.

Raisen Fort Gate

Raisen Fort Gate  | Image Resource : panoramio.com


There are several domes inside the fort complex, which have become home for the bats and other animals. The fort gave us lovely pictures of something very historical now in ruins and also beautiful panoramic capture of the Raisen city and villages nearby.

After this trip to the Raisen Fort, we decided to visit the Bhimbhetka Caves.

Raisen Fort Top View

Raisen Fort Top View | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

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