Barna Dam, Madhya Pradesh - An Engineering Marvel of the Time

Our trip to the Sethani Ghat was quite rewarding, and we were advised to visit another historic dam of India, which is located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh and it is called the Barna Dam. The dam was built in the year 1978 and it has helped the farmer communities across the area in irrigation and other purposes.

The dam is one of the biggest infrastructure projects of Madhya Pradesh and has benefitted many districts like Raisen and Sehore. It was approved by the Planning Commission in the Second Five Year Plan and got completed in the Ninth Five Year Plan.

The trip to dam is a very encouraging one because it is a tourist place, which is always filled with people. The dam was built for the sole purpose of improving the irrigation facilities and to prevent the floods in the valley. The dam is also responsible for improving the hydro electricity of the area and ever since its completion in 1990 it became a tourist spot because of its huge size and uniqueness.

Barna Dam

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Dams were described by the first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, as the temples of resurgent India. The dam not only benefitted the farmers but also increased tourism of the Raisen district as many people from across MP and India come to visit this place. The dam has certainly improved the economy of the place.

It is located just a distance of 100 km from the capital city of Bhopal and hence, during weekends to escape from the noise and hectic city life, one can take refuge near this dam amid the gushing of water and the lovely pristine surroundings. We had spent an amazing evening near the dam and took many pictures while also enjoying coffee and some snacks from the adjoining shops.

The place is definitely recommended to everyone who wants a nice quite place around Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh to spend a weekend with friends and family. The dam is nothing short of an engineering marvel and the drive to the dam is also very easy and good. One must definitely visit it for a good outing.


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