Enjoy the Serenity at Sethani Ghat, Hoshangabad

The trip to the Tawa Reservoir was a good start as we could enjoy nature around; the next in our itinerary was a prominent landmark in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and it was the Sethani Ghat. The ghat alongside the River Narmada is a 19th century construction and is one of the largest ghats in India. The ghat is very famous in India and during the Narmada Jayanti, thousands of pilgrims flock the ghats and they come alive with the lights and diyas, which are floated in the river.

There is a legend that the people and devotees, who came to Hoshangabad complained to Jankibhai Sethani about how difficult it is for them to reach the river, it is then that this ghat was made and was named after the person as Sethani Ghat. The ghat is one of the few instances of a public infrastructure that came from a private funding. The serenity felt at Sethani Ghat was beyond words. There were many devotees and pilgrims who had come to worship the river and light diyas and incense sticks after taking the holy bath.

Sethani Ghat

Sethani Ghat | Image Resource : flickr.com


We also went for a short boat ride on the Narmada River. The boat ride gave a beautiful panoramic view of the Sethani Ghat. The images captured in our camera were amazing and the boat ride was very soothing for the soul. We sat for quite some time on the banks of Narmada having tea and some snacks and discussed about our trip.

The water though wasn’t that clean. All the worship and lamps have made it dirty. Nevertheless, the charm and silence felt at the ghats were amazing and there were amazing spiritual vibes that made us feel at peace and calm. It was the much needed break we wanted when we came from Chandigarh.

The temperature along the banks of Narmada was also very pleasant. The place wasn’t as hot as other parts of the city were and it is this reason why there were several tourists sitting and enjoying their time sitting besides the river on the ghats. Overall, it was a wonderful trip to the Sethani Ghats.


After this trip, we decided to visit another prominent location in MP called the Barna Dam.

Narmada River

Narmada River | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

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