An Amazing Trip to Tawa Reservoir, Madhya Pradesh

After getting ready at our hotel, we decided to visit the first place on our itinerary and it was the Tawa Reservoir. We had selected many places to visit on our trip to Madhya Pradesh, but we were advised to first visit the Tawa Reservoir. It is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

Tawa is basically a large reservoir, which was formed after the construction of the Tawa Dam on the Tawa River. Since then the place has become one of the big tourist attractions in the area, especially during the rainy seasons and when it is flocked by so many tourists from around the country. The place is also widely promoted by the tourism department of Madhya Pradesh and they have started many services near the reservoir like hotels and cruise boats.

The dam is no doubt a very good place to hang out with friends and family but still there are many things in which it lags. There were no drinking water facilities and tea stalls, as well as lack of toilets take the charm away from the Tawa Dam. The place was exotic in many ways too. In terms of weather and the exquisite surroundings of the Tawa reservoir, it is an amazing place.

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There are small islands on the reservoir you can see if you take a boat ride along it. The cruise ride was very nice and there was also provision to spend a night in the cruise. The cruises of the MP tourism were very well maintained having nice rooms giving an amazing view of the waterfronts and also some views of the rooms. We also had a good time sitting in the restaurant and enjoying the pristine surroundings and the good food.

The place is highly recommended to those who are looking for a nice place around Bhopal to find peace and enjoy nature on weekends. The beautiful view of the lake from the well-maintained garden is surely a treat for the eyes. The canopy on the reservoir gives a 360 degree view of the lake and the silence and cool breezes strike you every now and then.

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