An Exciting Train Journey from Chandigarh to Bhopal

As the summers of North India approached, we all in family decided to take a short break from the office and other work and plan a trip somewhere. It was getting very hot in the northern part of the country, so we decided to go to some central or eastern side. It was then decided by us to travel to Madhya Pradesh (MP) this time.

MP had always been in my bucket list for some time, partly due to its amazing tourism ads on television. I had booked tickets for me and my family in the Chandigarh (CDG) to Bhopal (BPL) in the Yesvantpur S Kranti Express (22686).

Although there were many trains that left from Chandigarh to Bhopal, I had come to know from my friends and other sources that this particular train is the fastest and seats were also easily available in it as compared to other Chandigarh Bhopal trains. Luckily, I got all the confirmed tickets in the air-conditioned upper class bogie of the train. The departure time from Chandigarh was 3 am, so we had reached the station half an hour before. The train left on time and thus begun our 16-hour long journey to Bhopal.

Yesvantpur S Kranti Express

Yesvantpur S Kranti Express | Image Resource :


The train had various stops in between at major stations. When the train reached New Delhi, I got some breakfast for all of us from station shops. Travelling in an Indian train is not only a journey but an experience in itself. The train reached the Jhansi Junction at around 3 pm, where there were lunch meals available. We had lunch from Jhansi. After having our lunch we went to take a quick nap on our berths.

The excitement of the trip was building in all of us. There were many places, which we had shortlisted to visit in MP. After the Jhansi Junction, the train ran nonstop to the Bhopal Junction and reached BPL at exact 7:30 pm. The weather was still hot and humid in Bhopal. We took our luggage and moved towards the exit of the station, where we hired a taxi to take us to our hotel. The hotel called Hotel Tulsi Exotic was already booked in advance.


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