The St. Paul’s Church: A Gem in the Crown of the Beautiful Hill Town

After having a mind blowing experience at the famous Mussoorie adventure park the next destination that I visited was the St. Paul’s Church which is an ancient historic landmark of this hill station. Located near the Kasmanda Palace which is now transformed into a luxury hotel this ancient church is famous for its splendour and elegance in architectural style. The library point is also located close to the Paul’s church. I have a liking for ancient monuments and churches of British times are one of my favourites due to the exquisite architecture that they behold.

Completed on 16th may 1836 this church still maintains its beauty. When I entered the premises I was lost in my childhood memories as there is a deodar tree which was planted by the Princess of Wales on 4th march 1906 after attending the Morning Prayer. She was later coroneted as Queen Mary. Earlier this magnificent structure was built by private donation but later on many alterations were made. One of the prominent changes which were made is that the main building was enlarged considerably in the year 1853. I was amazed to see the pre- Raphaelite stained glass windows which remind me of many Goan churches of the same period.

St. Paul's Church Mussoorie

St. Paul's Church Mussoorie | Image Resource :

This church has a rich historic significance. From the year 1840 to 1947 i.e. a long span of 107 years the church administration was in the hands of military chaplains. It was also used by British residents of the area of Landour. The British military hospital residents and workers also came to this church to offer their prayers. The hospital was then located near Char Dukan which is quite near to the St Paul’s Church.

The church architecture is exquisite. I have visited many churches in the country but none was comparable to this. The view of the church at night in the silvery moon light is inexpressible. Not only the exterior but the church was as exotic in the interiors. The idol of Jesus seems livid and there is a sense of spirituality that exists in the premises. It was truly a calming and soothing experience to visit this ancient angelic church of Mussoorie.

St. Paul's Church Mussoorie Interiors

St. Paul's Church Mussoorie Interiors | Image Resource :

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