Kempty Falls of Mussoorie: The Cascade of Water in Midst of Lofty Hills

The state of Uttarakhand is full of wonders of nature which appeared to be a treat for me as I was totally in love with this place by now. The beautiful sky reaching mountains capped with snow and the lush green flora along with variety of wild life and bird species of this region are all a delight to watch. After the amazing time that we spent at the Rajaji national park of Dehradun, the next destination that we headed towards was the Kempty falls of Mussoorie. Mussoorie itself is a synonym for splendour and gorgeousness due to its rich scenic settings and hence is flooded with tourists all the year round. The Kempty falls is a prime tourist destination of this district.

The Kempty fall is located at a distance of 45 kilometres from Dehradun and 13 kilometres from Mussoorie, near the Kempty village of Uttarakhand. This magical water fall is located at the Tehri Garhwal district and is a popular tourist destination all the year round due to its pleasant weather that suits vacationers from all parts of Indian as well as abroad. There is a tourist inflow of about 10 lakhs annually to this natural site.

Kempty Falls Mussoorie

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This surge of water is located at a height of about 1364 meters above sea level. The whole region around Kempty is surrounded by high mountains that rise up to a height of 4500 feet. As we reached at the foot of the water falls we were awestruck at the force by which it was hitting the base. Huge ripples were being formed due to the immense force exerted by the large volume of water that was gushing down the hills. It was indeed a mystical site to witness.

The feeling when the water laden cold breeze blowing from the water fall touches the face is indescribable. My kid was almost jumping with joy and wanted to go closer to the water falls. But I couldn’t allow that keeping his safety in mind. Overall it was a truly refreshing experience for us to visit the Kempty falls of Mussoorie that lies on the Chakrata road. 

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