Sahastradhara Heights: Fun and Thrill atop the Hill

After the wonderful trip to the beautiful and serene Robber’s cave, we were ready to visit the next place in our itinerary which was the Sahastradhara Heights. It is a much innovative destination to spend an evening with friends, family located atop of the beautiful hill giving us a panoramic view of the Dehradun valley. The place has everything for all the age groups to make them happy so they could have the most enjoyable time. It offers much thrill for everyone who visits to make their trip a memorable and an unforgettable experience.

My kid Prabhdeep was very excited when we were on the way to the place. His joy was evident from his expressions and his excitement was over the top. The place has many fun rides for the kids such as a Space Vortex machine which makes one feel the Milky Way, similarly there is a children’s park and also a virtual zoo which makes children very busy and playful. Also, there are a number of swings and rides which the kids love to use and play.

Sahastradhara Heights

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For the youngsters there are more adventurous things to make them feel amazing in this wonderful place. There is wall climbing, game parlours, Rifle shooting, snooker and other adventure sports. The place as I said is a complete package of fun and thrill for all the age groups. Apart from these there is a sightseeing option for the family and wonderful dining options too where one can enjoy some mouth-watering cuisines. For the spiritual souls the place has a Sai temple on top of the hill giving a 360 degree view of the lush green hills making it a perfect place for meditation and devotion.

Sahastradhara Heights is an amazing place to spend some valuable hours with your friends and family. It is a perfect place to go to for weekend away from the stress of office and hectic professional life and devote some time to your loved ones. We had an amazing time at the place.

The next place that we visited was the renowned Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple of Dehradun.

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