Robber’s Cave: a Natural wonder

On the way to Robber’s Cave

On the way to Robber’s Cave | Image Resource :

After having a great dinner at our Hotel we were ready to begin our trip. The first place that we decided to visit was Robber’s Cave in Dehradun. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city and the favourite picnic spot for the locales. The place is also known by the name of Gucchipani or Guchhu Pani locally. To visit the place one has to travel to the Anarwala village about 10 kilometres from the city either by Bus, taxi or any other mode of conveyance. After reaching the village there is a wonderful trek of one kilometre which is amazing and unforgettable which leads to these magnificent natural caves.

The serenity which we felt during the trek and walk along the beautiful trail was amazing. One needs to visit the place to experience that moment of calm and peace. The soul seemed to be at joy and body was thrilled to be in the lap of nature. There was a divine and a cosmic silence all around and the breath of air didn’t even have an iota of pollution. I wished all our cities and towns were like this. During that trek I realised that development may have improved the material life of individuals but it has really destroyed nature.

Robber’s Cave

Robber’s Cave | Image Resource :

Robber’s cave is a natural wonder without a doubt. There is flow of water underground which one can see if you some metres away. The cave is surrounded by the hills. The experience of solitude, bliss and calmness could be felt everywhere in that place, a feeling which is missed a lot in the stressful and hectic urban life. The place was a perfect destination to begin our amazing travel and the time spent there with family will be cherished always by us.

Robber’s cave gave us many amazing pictures of the natural wonders present around. The place is definitely recommended to all those who visit Dehradun with friends or family. The time spent there will be the best gift one could gift to him or his family.

After this wonderful trip, the next place we decided to visit was the Sahastradhara Heights.


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