Nature a best place to spend time

There are times, when I feel to low / stressed out. The only way to get back my old self is escape into Mother Nature’s lap. Greenery, fresh air, peace of natural habitat has always inspired me.  The benefits are countless. Here are some noteworthy gifts by nature:

Being close to natural environment brings out the best in you. As you’re away from worldly pleasures and comforts. You learn to build, manage a living for yourself by organic means.

Going for a trek or deep forest, explores your hidden sides and personality trait. Until I started going for weekend treasure hunt campaigns and deep forest expeditions I dint realize I was so good at mapping and hunting things.

Nature also rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Meditating on mountain top, going jogging on a hill top or yoga by river side will leave you a relaxed and fresh feel. That one will never find in a gym or city life.

Meditating on Mountain Top

Meditating on Mountain Top | Image Resource :

Health Benefits of Nature

Health Benefits of Nature  | Image Resource :


Being in natures lap, gives one time to analyze themselves, their priorities in life and re-build your lost hope and energy.

These days , there are many organic food items offered by nature , as well big brands like Tropicana / Body Shop  / Biba etc. all emphasize and are selling nature friendly products. These are very good for health than any synthetic chemicals and products.

Till date the science of Ayurveda born from natures lap is considered the best, safest cure for any medical problems and severs health disease. You need to be patient and dedicated towards a treatment to reap full benefits.

Sports like rock climbing, river rafting, hiking all are originated due to the existence of beautiful nature.

River Rafting

River Rafting | Image Resource :

At the end it depends on an individual how close or connected are they towards nature. Universe is always open to bless us it’s we who need to welcome those blessings with love and care in any form.

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