The Drops Of Divinity And Heritage Collected Ashore In The Upper Lake Bhopal

It is often said that travel is the best medicine. Indeed true is this fact for us as a family has spent most of my leisure time travelling and seeking answers to the role calls of my life through this process. This amazing experience so called travel has imbibed in my most ardent and passionate hobby and an amazing companion to be with.
Among the several journeys undertaken by my family on road and by rain, the most exhilarating experience was this trip to Bhopal. This capital city has always been special for me owing to the awesome times I have spent with my family in witnessing great Indian architecture and natural brilliance.

One of the cherries on the pie of tourism offered by Bhopal would undoubtedly be the Upper Lake Bhopal. A place filled with the virtue of tradition and sacred rituals, this place has got tremendous historical and cultural importance. I was stunned by the awe that struck from the vibrant atmosphere generated around the vicinity of this pool.

Upper Lake Bhopal


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This pool serves to be a savior for common people. Their daily need of water is met from the reserves of this water. I had never witnessed any water body with such a deep cultural backdrop. Upon asking the guide around the place I came to know that the pool is used during all festivals and ceremonies to perform rituals.

I was lucky to choose this place as a holiday location. The whole scenario around me seemed like a saga of sheer brilliance with beauty dripping from the skies to grace this auspicious occasion. Most importamtly I could get some exclusive time with my family, a period which I was longing for quite a long time.

Despite arriving on such an important fixture the best part of the trip was I was able to fetch unimaginably low fares on my train ticket. The hotel accommodation also squeezed comfortably within my budget and I entered the journey with smiles. There wasn’t a single instance when I could complain be it food or hospitality there was grade one service offered all round.


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