Feel The Magic Of Science At The Regional Science Centre Bhopal

Busy City life! Lunch served in Traffic and Dinner again on the couch of a tiresome day, life at the metropolitan city had devoid me and my family of a vacation for a long time. So finally this trip to Bhopal was a great bonding factor for us and each of us got to know the other better!

My vacation had several elements of fun imbibed in it. Among the most special memories associated with the vacation was the most awaited visit of mine to the Regional Science Centre Bhopal. This centre was open all days of the week from 10.30 am to 6 pm so it was very convenient and the entry fee too was nominal. The adults had to pay 10 Rs and the kids were charged 5 Rs. And I would like to add it was worth every paisa spent and every minute spent!

Regional Science Centre Bhopal

Regional Science Centre Bhopal | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org


Unlike other tourist spots, my son enjoyed the experience thoroughly and this place served to me as the perfect family hang out location. There were several spectacular things which caught my fascination and in my adult age I started to feel childlike and wanted to float in the skies.

This place is situated at the Shyamala Hills in Bhopal. Primarily the aim of this place was to promote science and its applications among students. Several people started witnessing this wonder and slowly it became a must visit location for all age groups.

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

Inaugurated in 1995 it has given the wonders of science served on a platter to every enthusiast who wishes to learn. We as a family planned this vacation initially to have fun and relax, but now I feel so happy as my son could learn lot of new things and it was after this trip that he developed a great affinity towards principles of science.

The brilliance of nature is sophistically depicted on the fantasy walls of the theater. Further I witnessed the concepts of energy and mechanics through automated equipments. The whole experience could be compared to a visit to the stars. At times I also faced competitive criticism for my son could know and understand more than me It was unmatchable and something which found a special place in my memory!

Visualizing Sound with a Guitar

Visualizing Sound with a Guitar | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

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