Worship The Almighty In Taj –Ul- Masjid:  A Land Where Unity In Diversity Is The Motto!

The chores of work and metropolitan life always created in me a feeling of being bounded and I always took the first chance to flutter my wings and fly to some great destinations! I always devote sufficient time to my kids and family and this holiday to Bhopal made us even closer!

The most memorable place of visit during my visit would undoubtedly be the visit to the Taj-Ul-Masjid. I liked the architecture of this place a lot and so did my kid. Unlike other temples and shrines where kids would be bored, my son in this place had a fantastic time. This shrine depicts the homage to Almighty and was built by the Mughals.

The historic background of the mosque impressed my wits very much. To my surprise I found there were people from different parts of the world who had paid a visit to witness this wonder. There was a positive vibration inside the shrine which was very vibrant that it caught my attention and devotion almost immediately. My wife too had stopped her chatter and was in a very sober mood and this was the first time in this holiday I saw her like this!

Taj –Ul- Masjid

Taj –Ul- Masjid | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

I clicked several pictures from outside of the great and famous domes and updated my album emphatically. My curiosity led me to ask several questions about the dome and its significance. This monumental wonder is carved out of a single marble rock and bears several other imprints and carvings on its sides. On taking a tour around the mosque I encountered several wonders of carving. I could sense a really artistic work of sculpture involved in its construction. This place had registered a special place in my memory and I discovered myself to be communicating with age old traditions.

There was not a moment that we felt ourselves being from another religious community. Hospitality of the inmates in this shrine brought tears to my eyes as I witnessed the marvelous ceilings and pathways. I felt detached as I sadly made my way towards the exit, Nevertheless this is one place which I  want to visit once more !

Inside the Taj-ul Masjid Bhopal

Inside the Taj-ul Masjid Bhopal | Image Resource : indiamike.com

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