Home Amidst The Caves:  Warm, Cozy and Extremely Budget Friendly!

We follow where our passion takes us, where we find solace with our dreams and where we feel our mind, body and soul are at equilibrium. It is the high mountains, rocky hills and beautiful scenic spots that have always guided my dreams.

Indeed Bhopal was like a home away from home for my travel loving family and above all what made the whole journey extravagant were the amazing services offered by the Ellora Hotel Bhopal.

My mind was weaving lots of plans right from the idea of traveling. All I could possibly dream of from a perfect vacation was brought at my footsteps by the brilliant services offered by a good hotel whose pay cheque falls well within my comfort zone. With various choices for tourists to choose from the rates varied discretely to offer different class of services for the inmates here. Thanks to the hotel booking app I reserved accommodation for my family in this hotel.

I had planned this trip well in advance hence I had an accommodation arranged in budget. The train fare also seemed very appealing and over all it was a holiday for me planned with bonus entertainment but with discounted rates!

Ellora Hotel Bhopal

Ellora Hotel Bhopal | Image Resource : ellorahotelbhopal.com


Some services which have to be specially mentioned are the round-the-clock service and the friendly attitude of the staffs. This hotel’s staffs were indeed dedicated professionals who transformed my stay into a soothing melancholy! Free toiletries, services like prompt laundry and ironing was simply worth mentioning.

Needless to say we enjoyed their in-house specialties like stuffed paratha, Gobi/aloo paratha accompanied by egg bhurji. I can also vow that their Punjabi lassi was something out of the world! My son enjoyed his Bournvita milk and cheese sandwiches and one more thing worth mentioning was their down to earth rates; no looting you in the name of in-house dining!

Ellora Hotel Bhopal gave us so many services that for a moment I was worried if my budget would be exceeded. But it was a false concern and most importantly at the end of the trip I was content as we as a family had spent some quality time at reasonable prices!

Ellora Hotel Room

Ellora Hotel Room | Image Resource : ellorahotelbhopal.com

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