Sanchi Stupa: Residence Of Heritage And A Sight Of Architectural Brilliance!

Right from my childhood I have always had a fascination to visit ancient monuments and understand different traditions. As time passed my interest just seemed to increase. Apart from all the usual places of visit in my Bhopal trip there is one monument which caught my attention and bounded me closer to tradition and culture. The Sanchi Stupa which is also known as the Ashokan legacy for Buddhism had in itself great culture and terrific architectural brilliance.

To my surprise the monument looked even more exhilarating than it looked on the internet. Situated just about 46kms from Bhopal, we had no problem in accessing this ancient relic site. This gave me an amazing opportunity to spend lot of time here and get to understand the monument, its meaning, importance and significance. Owing to my study in the yesteryears I could relate the architecture of this city to the one’s used in the Ashokan dynasty.

Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa | Image Resource :

To my surprise this temple had several Brahmi inscriptions, ones which were popularly found in the after remains of Kalinga war. These inscriptions were believed to be carved from being inspired in a dream and hence are the Sanskrit meaning of the same. Extra-ordinary would seem just ordinary if one wishes to describe this monument with that word.

Apart from the writing we could find various images depicting several untold stories of the past. Although I was completely engrossed into its marvel, I had concerns over the entertainment quotient of my little one. Surprisingly he found the place as exciting as we did and till date he nudges me to take him there again!

Lord Buddha Statue at Sanchi Stupa

Lord Buddha Statue at Sanchi Stupa | Image Resource :


A place whose beauty and legacy is less told, A place which resides right in the heart of India, And most importantly this is a place which one must visit with family, especially children for it is important that we educate them about our nation’s vast heritage!

Finally we also visited the nearby restaurant called Krishna Garden as we all were very hungry. Though it was not a luxury hotel, the warm and friendly ambience gave a happy glow to the whole trip!

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