The Unforgettable Blissful Journey Across Terrains of Happiness from Chandigarh to Bhopal!

What is life if it doesn’t come with a dosage of excitement and thrill! My craze for travel and expedition has created a unique place for itself in my life. This has generated an entirely new human being who lies within the mask of a middle class Insurance Agent!

With a mind set to have the right mix of family and leisure life, I planned a trip to Bhopal with my wife and son to the boutique of Indian mainland. A trip with family is something that I was looking forward to since a few months. Great offers on Bhopal Packages online caught my attention and I was determined to give wings to this holiday!

Stationed in Punjab, we had indulged in sight-seeing and historic trips for a few years across northern region of India. To seek change, I planned this trip to discover central India. I was advised to commence my vacation by choosing to travel by the ypr s kranti express. Although I hesitated initially, my decision was spot on! Gusting winds and green farms laden with exotic natural beauty caught my attention throughout the journey.

YPR S Kranti Express

YPR S Kranti Express | Image Resource :


A Blissful Journey where Fun never ends!

There were just three main agenda’s we had. Every other minute would start around with nature’s explicit exploration. This was indeed amazing, for the city on its outskirts has canals and Rock Mountains that we witnessed during travel. My little one got so engrossed in nature that it was quite hard for my wife to keep him away from the window seat.

On the other hand, my fingers were constantly fiddling on my camera, as I tried my best to update my nature album. This journey was no less than reading one of Ruskin bond’s classics! Everywhere around us we could see so much of positivity that we felt alienated and lost. Mesmerizing dishes with more than delicious taste kept adding on to our bank balance of fun. Most importantly it was the punctuality of the train that left us spell bound. Monitoring its progress on the railways app, we could easily know which stations would pass by at what time!


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