Moti Jheel – A Recreational Site

Our last destination of the city was Moti Jheel. Moti Jheel is located in the core of heart of the City of Kanpur. Like revealed by its name (moti-pearl, jheel-lake) it is no less than a pearl of Kanpur city.

We conveniently reached the site that is situated close to the Kanpur Medical College in Ashok Nagar. Moti Jheel is located adjacent to the famous Japani Garden and the Tulsi Upavan of Kanpur. All these places are located nearby and thus attract tourists as well as local people to have a view of the clear water, fresh air and lush gardens.

Moti Jheel

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We also reached the place to find many other people already present to admire the site. It is actually a reservoir of drinking water of Kanpur Waterworks. The beautiful Moti Jheel Park is located in the vicinity and is undividable from the reservoir. The entire complex is beautifully managed and decorated to give a landscape view to the people, and act as a recreational zone for the visitors.

We were told by some locals who were present at the site that the Moti Jheel and the adjoining park have been renovated recently. The place now has park for children with swings and slides, and thus is gaining popularity as a picnic spot for the residents.

Moti Jheel Kanpur

Moti Jheel Kanpur | Image Resource :

Every evening, the place is flooded by families and children and the place is filled with the laughter of the little ones during their sessions of fun and frolic.

The smooth and cold breeze from the Jheel just adds to the grace of the place.  The place is also adored by the morning and evening walkers, who stroll around the place.

The Shoe at Moti Jheel

The Shoe at Moti Jheel | Image Resource :


We also enjoyed the awesome weather and being at such a recreational site was like the cherry on the cake. We were strolling in the park, and within an hour, the place was flocked by people and their young ones. Prabhdeep was also enjoying the calming environment. I took him to the slides and swings and his laughter filled me with fatherly love and contentment. Neeru was smiling at us from a distance.

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