Phool Bagh - A Serene Place

After visiting the place of Ghats and religious and historical significance, we decided to move to a relaxing and nature blessed place- Phool Bagh of Kanpur

Kanpur is indeed a tourist's paradise owing to its numerous beautiful sites that people can explore and look up to. This is the reason this place is so visited by tourists from around the world to visit the historical and religious sites situated here. One such attractive destination is the Phool Bagh.

Phool Bagh (Flower Garden) is a wonderful park that is cited in the core of Kanpur. Our cab stopped on the Mall Road where the Bagh is located. The place is greatly visited by people of all ages to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the park. The place is also named as Ganesh Udyan.


On entering the premises, we noticed that it was a very well maintained park, which was well flourished with numerous types of plants and trees. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial is positioned in the middle of the park. This building is used for various public meetings and political rallies .However, after the first world war,  an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital was executed in this building.


Phool Bagh kanpur

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To me, Phool Bagh seemed to be an ideal place for picnic or family outing with kids and adults to enjoy the serenity of the place. The place is also popular to organize number of flower shows every year.

Prabhdeep saw the kids running and playing, and he instantly got charged and started following them. He likes the presence of kids around him and this was an apt place for him to run and play around. While he was busy in playing with other kids, we strolled around in the garden, keeping an eye on him from the distance.

We then moved further to explore the Summer House and a big Public library that are located in the Phool Bagh. I glanced through the library and its huge collection. Phool bagh is undoubtedly a relaxing and hang out place for the locales of Kanpur. We took a number of clicks of ourselves in the park, which was once known as the Queen Victoria Garden during British rule in India.

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