Bithoor – A Town Of Ghats

On the next day, we left our hotel to explore Bithoor.  Bithoor is considered as a dwelling place of Lord Brahma, and is situated on the banks of river Ganga, just 27 kilometers from Kanpur.

The town is very famous and is attractive to tourists owing to its historical and religious significance. We also, like others, had heard a lot of it and made our way towards this place. Prabhdeep was in a jolly mood and was jumping in the car in an effort to look outside. It was good that he is adapting to new places without much difficulty. Soon we reached Bithoor which was one prime centre during the Revolt of 1857.

According to some legends, the entire universe was once demolished, and when it was reconstructed by lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha chose this place as his adobe and carried out numerous yagna at the land of Bithoor. Thereafter, the place came to be known as Brahmavart.


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Bithoor is also considered to uphold various incidents of the worshipped epic Ramayana. Sita, wife of Lord Ram spent days of her life at the Valmiki Ashram after she was exiled by Lord Ram. Their twin sons- Luv and Kush, Lord had their birth at this place and then met their father on the lands of Bithoor. Valmiki then wrote the epic Ramayana.

Owing to these theories, Bithoor is considered sacred. As per the historical aspects, the great fighter Rani Laxmibai had taken her birth here. We visited the Valmiki Ashram.  A pool in the Ashram is popular as Sita-Kund.Place where Sita use to cook is preserved as Sita 'Rasoi'.  Close to it is the 'Swarga Naseinee' or Deep Malika Stambha, which has marvelous illumination. We went up the tower by climbing up about 48 steps and reached the top, where it was surmounted by a cupola. From this point, a beautiful panoramic view of the whole area could be seen. It is said that the present Valmiki temple was rebuilt by Baji Rao Peshwa in the times of 19th century.

The beautiful town Bithoor was at a time called as 'Bavan Ghaton ki Nagri', which means a city of 52 Ghats; but today it has only 29 Ghats.

Bithoor Kanpur

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