Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary – A Must Visit Place

On the next day, we made our way for another natural site- the Nawabganj bird sanctuary of Kanpur. The place was located at a distance of around 45 kilometers from our stay at Kanpur, so we called our taxi a bit earlier so that we could make maximum use of the time to explore the birds in their natural environment.

Nawabganj bird sanctuary of Kanpur is amongst the major attraction for people of Kanpur and Lucknow. Tourists coming to these cities make sure to visit this place, and we were no different to them.

The sanctuary is relatively small, spreading to the area of 2.246 sq km, but is an attraction site and stopping place for a large number of migratory birds during the season of winter.

The sanctuary is mostly spread around a shallow lake, which together with the vegetation turns out to be the desired place for the migratory and water birds that stay here for long durations. To conserve this habitat and to preserve the birds, Uttar Pradesh government has announced this lake and the surrounding area as a sanctuary in the year 1984. From that time, the sanctuary is taken care of and protected under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :


Many people, especially the nature lovers and those who are fond of wildlife photography come here amid the beautiful birds. An Interpretation Centre is also established in the Sanctuary to educate people about the birds. Film shows related to wildlife are being held here.

We stayed there and watched peacocks in full plumage, spreading their beautiful and colorful wings and dancing. It was a fascinating act and we were mesmerized by the beauty of these birds. There were white necked storks, who were craning their beautiful neck proudly, the Purple Moorhen were hiding in ample shades, the Pigeons were cooing in their happy moods. A deer park is also established in the vicinity that contains numerous spotted deer with curved horns. We also saw small barking deer in a secluded destination.
In the surrounding of the sanctuary are present a motel, a restaurant and stalls offering small eateries making it an ideal spot for a wonderful weekend trip.

A Flock of Birds at Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

A Flock of Birds at Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :


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