Massacre Ghat – History behind the Name

After spending half of the day at the zoological park, we visited our next destination that was the Massacre Ghat Kanpur. The Massacre Ghat is situated in the core of the city, cited on the banks of Ganga River. It didn’t took us long to visit the place. The place is officially named as the be Nana Rao Ghat , but was used to be called as the Satti Chaura Ghat . However, the name Massacre Ghat of the place is due to a few events that occurred in the year 1857.

During the times of 1857, Satti Chaura Ghat was a boarding site to reach Allahabad via the river route. One fine day, General Wheeler along with their British Column decided to explore this water way. At the banks, Nana Sahib had made 40 boats ready to serve him and his soldiers; to reach him safely to the destination. While making up their way in the river on that summer afternoon, something happened and a fire fight was precipitated between the British soldiers and Indian Sepoy. A large number of soldiers was killed in that massacre and many men and women were imprisoned because of this. From that time, the place is nick named as the Massacre Ghat of Kanpur that is still in use. The exact reason of fight is still unknown.

Massacre Ghat Kanpur

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It was an astonishing history that lingers to this Ghat. We were spending a pleasant evening at the place. Prabhdeep was enjoying being so close to water, and was surprised as what kind of swimming pool is that. It was taking an effort to prevent him moving into the water.

Considering his excitement, we opted for a boat ride that was facilitated at the place. The place was not so populated, and we enjoyed the ride amid water. The site was giving a pleasant view of the Ganges, and I clicked numerous pictures of the place. The hues of the setting sun were adding to the beauty of the area. After spending considerable time there, we returned to our hotel, to prepare for the expeditions of the next day.

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