Allen forest zoo – zoo inside a forest

It was the first destination that we decided to visit the next day. We were very excited. We hired a cab to visit the place. The Allen Forest Zoo is the biggest green stretch in entire Kanpur. Though it was originally established as a territory for various types of flora, but now, it inhabits numerous animals as well. The place is amongst the few where the animals are kept in their natural habitat. Allen Forest Zoo or as also called as Kanpur Zoological Park, is amongst the oldest Zoological Park of our country. It came into establishment and was started for the people to visit on 4th February, in the year 1974.

The total area covered by the Zoological Park is around 76.56 ha. It is hard to believe but the zoo is flourished in a manmade forest. Due to this reason, the terrain of this park is undulating and is very similar to that of a natural forest.

Allen forest Zoo

Allen forest Zoo | Image Resource :

Rhinoceros at the Zoo

Rhinoceros at the Zoo | Image Resource :


The zoological park is built based on the Modern zoo building principles.

The best part was that people were allowed to move in cars while inside the zoo. This was a great thing as it is difficult to cover such a vast area with children or senior people. An entry fee was charged, and surprisingly, no fee was charged for the camera, unlike most other places. We were pleasantly surprised at this. We were moving within the natural setting of the forest.

We came across so many different kinds of animals. Prabhdeep was most happy looking at the zebras.

Zebra at Zoo

Zebra at Zoo | Image Resource :


The animals that were inhabited in this Park were kept in open and moated enclosed spaces. These types of enclosures provided the animals with sufficient space and thus help them live in their biological and physiological environments. These enclosures are so screened by the terrains in a way that one cannot see one enclosure from the other. This was a nice thing as the animals are free of any psychological pressure of other animals in the adjoining area.

The enclosures for birds and animals were so designed that it maintains the look and feel of the forest without disturbing the natural topography  of the zoological park.

Bird at Allen forest Zoo

Bird at Allen forest Zoo | Image Resource :

Sculpted Dinosaurs at the Allen Forest Zoo

Sculpted Dinosaurs at the Allen Forest Zoo | Image Resource :


We came across a range of animals that were freely roaming within the zoo premises, these include Spotted deer, rhesus monkeys, many civets, hares, porcupines, squirrels, bats, mongoose, lizards, snakes, pythons, common pea fowls, partridges, parakeets, owls and a variety of birds etc.

It was a nice family experience amid the green terrain.

Tiger at Kanpur Zoo | Image Resource :


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