Train travel from Chandigarh to Kanpur by Kalka mail

Travelling is learning with experience. It provides with immense opportunities to know a lot of new things and handle some not so good situations as well. I have learnt many lessons of life that I wouldn’t have known if I were only engrossed in the textbooks and classrooms. Travelling new places is like learning new lessons via self experience. This is the reason; I prefer to travel with my small family, that includes my lovely wife Neeru and adorable son Prabhadeep, whenever possible. It gives me some quality time with my family, and also I can instill lovingness towards exploring new places within my son. So, I made the reservations for Kanpur in Kalka mail.

A new place is like refreshment, providing one with new environment, new cuisines, new culture and varied people. It rejuvenated the soul much similar to yoga. That’s why, at the young age of three, my son adapts quite quickly to new place unlike many other children who are addicted to their surroundings and brawl when exposed to a new environment.

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This time, me and my wife planned to visit Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Though the place is popularly known as the industrial city of India, it has many places that attracts tourists including age old monuments and numerous other constructions that expresses the rich history of the place. Besides these historical sites, the place is also enriched with numerous parks, gardens, water bodies and many religious places.

Our Train travel from Chandigarh to Kanpur by Kalka mail was scheduled to depart from the Chandigarh station at midnight 12:35am and we were to reach Kanpur at noon 2:30pm.

We packed our bags taking care of all the essentials. I carefully packed Prabhadeep’s things that I may need during my journey. The thing with kids is that they are very unpredictable and sensitive. So I packed a medicine box, his favorite toy and some eateries that he may need during the visit. He will enjoy the trip if he has his things done (that’s the secret of handling kids at vacation). We reached the station well before time. Prabhadeep was still awake and was looking at everyone. The train was on time and we occupied our accommodation. Our vacational trip has finally started.


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