Samode Palace Jaipur – Featured In Many Bollywood Films

Samode Palace Jaipur

Samode Palace Jaipur | Image Resource :


Films and cricket are the two components that you must find common in the list of items most Indians like to do. And our Hindi films nowadays search exotic locations for their shooting and thus many of them are shot in foreign locations, amidst lush green or mountains and valleys. But there are some amazing locales in India itself that can give a tough competition to the foreign outdoors. When I visited the Samode Palace Jaipur, this contemplation was even intensified by watching the mesmerizing palace. My wife is a Hindi film addict and as soon as we reached there she was elated to discover that the palace has been shown in many films of her knowledge.

Courtyard of Samode Palace

Courtyard of Samode Palace | Image Resource :


The sandstone palace is built by the nobleman of the royal family at the foothills of the Aravalli hills. The marble flooring covered with rich carpets, intricately decorated pillars and mosaic walls witness the influence of the Rajasthani architecture. The Durbar Hall and Sheesh Mahal are the two sections constructed par excellence. The frescoes there are about 250 years old. The wall paintings on the palace include hunting scenes and floral motifs among other designs. This wonderful palace is now run as a hotel as well by its hereditary owners. To enter the structure only as a visitor you will need to pay a fee of Rs. 500 per person and can enter the Durbar Hall and the exquisite Sheesh Mahal. The Sheesh Mahal reminded me of the famous Hindi song “pyar kia to darna kya”, shot in a similar hall of mirrors. The tour of the Samode Bagh was also included for the visitors. It is a 16th century Mughal garden with air-conditioned tents to accommodate visitors. The camel ride to reach the garden was really enjoyed by my little Prabhdeep who didn’t have a tinge of fear on his face and was smiling throughout.

Sheesh Mahal, Samode Palace

Sheesh Mahal, Samode Palace | Image Resource :

The Royal Suite Samode Palace

The Royal Suite Samode Palace | Image Resource :


The trip to Rajasthan was an old desire that got ultimately fulfilled. And it became even more special since I was accompanied by my little prince and beloved wife. The tour of City Palace and Samode Palace Jaipur even enhanced this feeling.

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