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City Palace Jaipur

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Fairy tales are the favourite stories of my little one, Prabhdeep, and my wife is bound to tell him bed time stories about the prince and princess, forts and palaces. The gallant prince riding on a white horse, wooing the princess and making her his wife battling all evil, is something that I also loved to listen as a child. Thus when I see my little prince being fond of these stories it reminds me of my childhood days. Whenever we go for vacation to a new place, I make sure we visit the royal palaces or forts if there are any. When we planned for a holiday in Jaipur, I was resolved to visit the City Palace Jaipur, as I already had heard a lot about it.

White Marble Elephant at Jaipur City Palace

White Marble Elephant at Jaipur City Palace | Image Resource :


History of a palace or of a dynasty is something that always fascinates me. And whenever I take a tour of a royal palace the architecture and the different sections of the palace built to accomplish different purpose, interests me even more. The city palace has a number of palaces, pavilions, gardens and temples within it. Few among them like the Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Maharani's Palace, Mukut Mahal, the City Palace Museum and Shri Govind Dev Temple are open for the visitors. The Mubarak Mahal, built with the amalgamation of Islamic, Rajput and European architectural styles, shelters a museum that exhibits variety of textiles like Kashmiri Pashminas, Sanganeri block prints, royal dresses to name a few.

The seven storeyed building named the Chandra Mahal is the residence of the members of the royal family at present. Only the ground floor has a museum open for the visitors. The beautiful peacock gate is marvellous. The Maharani palace originally was the residence of the queens, but now has been converted into a museum, displaying weapons used by the royalty, including those of the 15th century. The ceiling of this chamber adorns unique frescoes.

Jaipur City Palace Chandra Mahal

Jaipur City Palace Chandra Mahal | Image Resource :

Jaipur City Palace Interiors

Jaipur City Palace Interiors | Image Resource :


The tour of the City Palace Jaipur gave me the feeling of a king, walking past the halls and chambers with my beloved queen and little prince. This feeling was even intensified when we arrived at Samode Palace Jaipur.


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