Nature goes wild at Jaipur zoo

Entrance to the Zoo

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When I sensed my son’s love for animals, I decided that I would let him learn more about their habitat, how they lived in groups when required and what they ate. That’s when we decided to visit the Jaipur zoo. The Jaipur zoo was built in the year 1868 by Raja Pratap Singh in order to provide relief to famine struck animals.

Jaipur Zoo

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The Jaipur Zoo was inaugurated in 1877. It is located close to the Albert Museum. The zoo houses various types of species such as mammals, birds and also reptiles. Almost 50 species of dissimilar birds and mammals from all over India are to be found here. In the year 1999, a ‘Ghariyal’ breeding farm was established in the Jaipur zoo. It is famous as being the fourth major breeding ranch in India. A museum is also constructed inside the zoo which expo the wild life of Rajasthan. The Jaipur Zoo has also agreed upon the Wildlife Protection Act. The zoo is dedicated to protect wildlife in every possible way. All set in the fertile green Ram Niwas Garden, the Zoo is a must visit for children and elders alike. Sambar deer, lions, tigers, panthers, leopards and monkeys hanging from the tree branches are all present in the zoo. The zoo houses a divide section for migratory birds and special species of animals. The zoo also houses a separate crocodile farm to entertain the visitors. My son was surprised as to how the crocodiles didn’t move an inch for even a minute.

Black Buck at Jaipur Zoo

Black Buck at Jaipur Zoo | Image Resource :


The park completion coincided with the completion of Albert hall which now stands as the central museum. The park also contains Ravindra Rang Theatre where local plays and dance functions can take place with ease. The Jaipur zoo is a must visit for families with children and it is fun to watch them being amused as the animals perform various antics. My son Prabhdeep definitely had a ball.  He wouldn’t let us leave from the zoo unless he bid farewell to all the animals and birds that he saw. Such innocence can be found only in kids. Jaipur zoo brings out this innocent happy side in adults too.

Bear at Jaipur Zoo

Bear at Jaipur Zoo | Image Resource :

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