The Painted Wonder - Anokhi Museum Jaipur

After the beautiful treat to the eyes at the Hawa Mahal, we travelled to our next destination which is the Anokhi Museum Jaipur. The Anokhi museum is also called as the Anokhi museum of Hand Printing. It is committed to the anthology, conservation and interpretation of block print cloth.
The Anokhi museum is a textile museum famous for ancient handicrafts that include block printings. It is housed in a 400 year old building. This building has also achieved an UNSECO award for its maintenance. Its sure maintains in place in the record breaking books as the place exhibits strategically placed displays, excellent information, welcoming staff and a working site that demonstrates the tedious work of block printing and wood carving craftsmen. It also houses a small shop that sells museum artefacts for a fixed price and a cafe that serves fresh but organic coffee. It’s quiet a haven and is only a 10 minutes’ walk from the old township of Amber. The entry price to the museum is also cheap. And they do charge extra if you have a camera with you. The museum also exhibits educational programs and highlights a variety of aspects of the ancient block craft so much so that it strengthens and positive reception for the existence of the art form. There are some serious challenges that threaten the future of the art form. The technological advances have sidelined the handmade art by the craftsman and have reduced the market value of the art form.

Anokhi Museum Jaipur

Anokhi Museum Jaipur | Image Resource :


Nevertheless the Anokhi Museum Jaipur still stands as the Mecca for art lovers and foreign tourists. The museum also invites other craftsmen to stopover and understands the work that takes place at the museum with improved fervour and anticipation that future generations behold. My wife and son were happy playing with the pigeons and were enjoying every nook and corner of the museum. We clicked a lot of pictures with the pigeons as Prabhdeep couldn’t help notice them and loved it when they flew from one end to the other. By then we also had a chance to participate in one of the block printing workshops and made ourselves proud with our own hand printed cloth work.

Block Printed Attire at Display at Anokhi Museum

Block Printed Attire at Display at Anokhi Museum | Image Resource :


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