Long Term Insurance for Women

People completely neglect long-term insurance plans in India. The Indian tradition preaches that a child should take care of aged parents. This expectation is probably the reason why people completely neglect long-term insurance. Here are some facts about Long term insurance that everyone should know.

Why do you need a long-term insurance?

People in India do not understand the significance of long term care insurance. The insurance helps you stay independent or cover the unexpected expenses after a certain age. The life expectancy of people is increasing each year due to the better quality of living. There is a great chance of Alzheimer and other cognitive disorders when you age. The insurance can be a great way to cover these expenses when you are aged.

What is covered in Long Term Care Insurance?

  • The next question that comes to your mind is what are the benefits of taking a long term care insurance. Hope some facts listed here may help you understand.
  • Skilled Care
  • The insurance covers cost of medical care by skilled personnel under doctor’s supervision.



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Custodial Care
Custodial care provides for daily care in a home setting. This includes personal needs like bathing and cooking.

Intermediate Care
After a certain age, you may need occasional rehabilitative care and medical treatment. The insurance provides this under the supervision of a qualified medical personnel.

Do the cost of Long Term Care Insurance Vary for Men and Women?

The LTC costs depend on the place from where you are taking the insurance. Many states provide LTC in the same price for men and women. In some places, women are charged higher for the insurance of this type. There are several reasons that govern this fact. The major reason is surely that the risk factor is greater in case of women. Women have a greater life expectancy. There is a great chance that the woman may require the amount. This could be a reason why women are charged more.

Is LTC really worth the money?

LTC is definitely worth investing. It allows you to lead a secure life even when you are not earning and have to live independently. It is best to have your life insured than have to depend on someone.


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