Sonamarg Jammu and Kashmir Captivates You with its Beauty

The literal meaning of Sonmarg is ‘the meadow of gold’ and it is a beautiful hills station about 84 km from Srinagar. It takes only about 3 hours to reach here from Srinagar by cab. The road leading to the hill station offers you breathtaking views of the county side, which you would love to watch. It is located at an altitude of 2800 meters above the sea level and had snowcapped mountains as its backdrop. Sonmarg is also the base for the Amarnath Yatra that takes place every year for one and a half months during the summer seasons.

Sonmarg Jammu and Kashmir

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Snowcapped Mountains

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The Sindh River that flows through Sonmarg is perfect for fishing and is full of touts and Mahseer. The Krishnasar Lake also offers you the fishing facilities. For the adventure lovers it is a perfect place with a number of trekking and hiking trails. There are interesting trekking trails from Sonmarg to the lakes of Krishnasar, Vishansar and Gangabal. Many tourists visit the place to enjoy trekking and fishing.

Sindh River

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The famous Kolhoi Galacier and Machoi Glacier here are sights that you will love to watch. People come here to watch the magnificent beauty of the glaciers and also for trekking and sledge-gliding. Sonmarg is accessible only during the summer months and at other time of the year it is covered with snow. The valley is covered with a carpet of green grass and pretty colorful flowers. I could see many ponies walking up and down the valley. One of the men with a pony came over to us and offered pony ride. After a lot of bargaining we made a compromise on the rate and had a ride on the pony, enjoying the surroundings.

Many were busy taking photographs, riding the ponies and sledges, playing with the snow and so on. My son played with snow for some time and he looked very thrilled to see snow for the first time. I made a snow ball and threw at him. Soon he was busy throwing snowballs at us.

Sledging in Sonmarg

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After roaming around and visiting some of the important places in the hill station, we got up to leave, carrying the pleasant memory of the place in our heart.

Sonmarg Hill Station

Sonmarg Hill Station | Image Resource :

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