Dal Lake, Srinagar – Very Relaxing Place

Dal Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir and attracts tourists from far and wide. After visiting the Mughal Gardens we went to spend some time at the Dal Lake. Other than the famous Mughal Gardens you can also see a number of hotels and parks near the lake. As we reached the lake, we could see a number of tourists roaming around, some going for a ride in the Shikharas and others sitting by the side of the lake and admiring the view of the lake and the surroundings. After sitting for a while, we got up and went for a ride in the Shikhara. The ride was for 2 hours and the rate was RS.300 per person.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake | Image Resource : hindustantimes.com

As the Shikhara entered the water, we were surrounded by a number of boats that sold vegetables, flowers, chips, bags, carpets and so on. Soon we left them all and headed on to visit some of the interesting places in the lake. The first one that we came across was a floating post office cum museum and it looked very interesting. We also came across a mobile café, which sold tea, coffee, juice, snacks etc. Many of us had tea and coffee from here. Next we headed on to the Kabutar Khana. I saw a number of birds on our ride through the lake.

Dal Lake Market

Dal Lake Market | Image Resource : india.blogs.nytimes.com


Kabutar Khana was a small island we could see a building on the island that dated back to the times of the Maharajas. It was the summer palace of Maharani. Kabutar Ghana was a place that was used as a home to the pigeons and hence it got its name. Next place that we visited was the island called Char-Chinar. First it appeared as a small dot, which materialized into a square island with four large Chinar trees at its four corners.

Char Chinar Island

Char Chinar Island | Image Resource : filmapia.com


It was time to get back and we turned back, coming across many floating gardens that sold vegetables and fruits. I bought some fruits and dry fruits and also a Pashmina shawl. We had an enjoyable time riding on the lake and it was very relaxing.

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