Train Travel from Ambala Chandigarh to Jammu Kashmir by Hemkunt Express

Being an insurance agent, I have a hectic life meeting people and talking with them. Whenever I get a break from my job, I go visiting places, travelling with my family. My family includes my wife and my three year old son Prabhdeep. The last place we visited was Jammu and Kashmir and I must say that it was one of the most beautiful places that I have visited. Choosing budget travel, I had the tickets booked for our train travel from Ambala Chandigarh to Jammu Kashmir by Hemkunt Express.

The scheduled time of arrival of the train at Ambala Cant Junction was 9.10 pm and it had stoppage at the station for 10 minutes. We had the bags packed by the evening of our journey and after having dinner at 7.30 pm, we set off to the station at 8.30 pm. my son fell asleep on the way and got up as we reached the station. The station was very busy with passengers and we waited for the train to arrive. The train arrived at the correct time and we got in to the AC three tier coach that I had booked. Soon we found our seats and sat down. After 10 minutes the train took off and we too made preparations to sleep. We had some snacks that we brought with us before we went to sleep.

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I had the upper berth and I got on to the berth with my son. I started narrating a story for him and soon he fell asleep. After a few minutes I too was fast asleep. The arrival time of the train at Jammu Tawi station was 4.30 am. So I had the alarm set on my mobile phone at 4.00 am. As the alarm went off, I woke up with a start from my deep slumber. I woke up my wife and my son, who was reluctant to wake up and dozed off again. The train arrived at 4.35 am and we got out of the station. The cab sent from the hotel that I had booked was waiting for us outside. Train travel from Ambala Chandigarh to Jammu Kashmir by Hemkunt Express took only 7 hours and 10 minutes.

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