Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana- The Most Fun Place for My Son in Gurgaon

It was time to attend to some of the places which I am sure my son would love very much. The Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana fit the bill perfectly. Situated in the second level of the famous Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, the place was built for the kids and had numerous features that would be very enjoyable for them. The admission fee to the place was 300 rupees for kids and adults alike and which I thought was a small price to pay for all the activities that lay ahead of us.

Ambience Mall Gurgaon

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The area is divided into 8 zones and that gave the children ways of enjoyment and also had several learning avenues. Some of the sections that we could cover were the Live It, Discover It, Splash It and Build it. At least it was not like those modern video game parlours where one could do nothing but let the children get lost in imaginary lands. In this place there was an equal interaction of the children with the adults and there was effort to see them learn concepts in the fun way. It was truly engaging and an absolute new concept in the field of child entertainment. I played with my son to my heart’s content and also helped him build some of the things that were there in the museum. For the first time we were doing things together which I found very enjoyable and he too loved it because daddy was playing with him.

Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana

Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana | Image Resource :

Stellar Children’s Museum

Stellar Children’s Museum | Image Resource :


Another remarkable thing about the Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana was that the place was clean and very child friendly. The rest rooms were too very hygienic and it was one of those places where I was able to leave my wife and son for sometime while I had some important shopping to do in the Ambience Mall. When I was back I still remember how the laughter of my child rung in my ears. It was one of the sweetest sounds that I had heard in all my life. But we had to leave for it was getting dark and the next day we were to go to the Dumdama Lake Haryana, our last sightsee in the trip.

Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon

Stellar Children’s Museum Gurgaon | Image Resource :



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