Star Monument Bhiwani Haryana- Another Unique and Breathtaking Building in Haryana

We were having a good time- my wife and I and Prabhdeep also seemed to enjoy the new places. Children his age are known to trouble their parents in trips but he was a darling in that respect. As long as he was fed in time and taken to places which were not overly crowded, he hardly complained.  I guess his nomadic spirit took after me for I was an avid traveler myself. On this day we had planned to go to the Star Monument Bhiwani Haryana and for the day we had got our lunch packed from the hotel to avoid inconveniences.

Star Monument Bhiwani Haryana

Star Monument Bhiwani Haryana | Image Resource :


The car journey was pleasant and in some time we were at the entrance of the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan Complex in Dinaud in which the Star Monument is located. The building has the Samadhi of Shri Tara Chand fondly referred to as ‘Maharaj Ji’ by his staunch followers. It was at a distance of 12 kilometers from Bhiwani. Adhering to the name of the Maharaj Ji, the building was in the shape of a hexagonal shaped pyramid and the sides are star shaped and looked beautiful from outside. The richness of the building was also enhanced due to its marble and mirror outer finish and one had to actually pause to admire the beauty of the building from the outside. What is truly remarkable and unique is that the building has no columns or pillars to support the structure and it only spoke of the architectural prowess with which the building has been constructed.

Star Monument Haryana

Star Monument Haryana | Image Resource :


It felt like a very welcoming place and we sat in the garden facing the monument. It is said that the Maharaj Ji used to meditate in this area in the garden.  There was a unique sense of peace and pristine quality attached with Star Monument Bhiwani Haryana which rubbed on us as well. Though the place, I gathered was not much popular with tourists but it would most definitely be a great attraction if it could be promoted and advertised well. The whole day passed in a whiff and soon it was time to return back to the Hotel Grand Plaza Ambala Haryana, our choice of abode for the trip.

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