Sultanpur National Park Haryana- For the Wild Life Prosperity and Conservation in Haryana

We were to go to the Sultanpur National Park Haryana and preparations were underway. My wife found it convenient to carry knick knacks to our little excursions so that she has plenty of food to take care of Prabhdeep. He felt hungry in short intervals and if we were carrying our own water and food it was convenient to look after his needs immediately. We had another date with the nature in this trip since the National Park will give us ample time to roam outdoors and give us the chance to enjoy the clean and unpolluted environment of the premise. The rare birds that the Park housed were the attraction for bird watchers all over the country.

Sultanpur National Park, Haryana

Sultanpur National Park, Haryana | Image Resource :


This National Park is located in Gurgaon district of Haryana. The car journey would take some time because the Park was on the Gurgaon- Farrukh Nagar road and even from Gurgaon it was another 15 kilometers away. The primary attraction of the place was the Sultanpur Jheel which has been the confluence of migratory birds for over 100 years now. This time I made sure I carried my binoculars with me and since I had already been to one such bird park earlier I was looking forward to my experience with another such bird park with great enthusiasm. Owing to the strategic importance of the place, the Park had been given the National Park status in the year 1991 and its area too was subsequently increased to 1.42 square kilometers. I was told that it now included the land of Sadhrana, Chandu, Sultanpur and Saidpur villages to make place for the bigger and better park.

Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur National Park | Image Resource :


We had a lovely time in Sultanpur National Park Haryana and it was one of the most quality times that I had spent with my wife for a long time. Some of the birds that I could recognize there were the Indian Spotted Eagle, the Grey Heron and the Asian Koel. I sure learned some more there which expanded my knowledge about the birds. Next up for us was the Stellar Museum’s Museum Gurgaon Haryana which I was very keen to take my son to.


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