Bhindawas Sanctuary Haryana- a haven for the migratory birds and a paradise for all bird watchers

The Bhindawas Sanctuary Haryana is located in the district Jhajjar. We napped in our car while we were on our way to the Bird Sanctuary. Far from the maddening crowd is this expanse of land where the Sanctuary is made to store the excess waters of the Jawaharlal Nehru Canal. This man made wetland is a bird watchers paradise considering the diversity of the species that could be seen. It was truly mind boggling. There were embankments where the car could be taken around the Sanctuary to explore it. There were eucalyptus and acacia plants around the embankments which added to the flora and fauna of the land.

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary Haryana

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary Haryana | Image Resource :


It was said earlier to us that finding the Sanctuary could prove to be difficult unless you are with somebody who knew the locale well. We were glad that our driver was quite familiar with the area so we had no difficulty reaching the place. I had the good sense earlier to book the Forest Rest House through the Chief Wildlife Warden of Haryana so we could find ourselves the rest house too to rest for a little while. There were different vantage points and bird watching strategies to maximize our experience in the place and I tried my best to follow all to have a look the rarest of the species. Though I was no expert at the subject yet I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The atmosphere at the Sanctuary was worth commenting; the chirping of the birds, their unusual sounds and the bowing breeze were intoxicating our senses. I spent some quality time with my wife among the serene environment of the Sanctuary premise.

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :

The next time when I may have the good opportunity to visit the place again I would surely like to visit in the winter months when the place Would be abuzz with the rare migratory birds and I am sure our experience would be even more enhanced then. Yet the visit to Bhindawas Sanctuary Haryana is something that I would I recommend to all my friends for its serenity and peace. The next day we were to go to the Star Monument Bhiwani, Haryana and I could not wait.

Bhindawas Sanctuary Haryana

Bhindawas Sanctuary Haryana | Image Resource :

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