Wonderful Stay at Hotel Grand Plaza Ambala Haryana, One That We Would Always Remember

I have always maintained that the success of any trip is largely dependent on the choice of stay that you choose for the trip. The hotel that one chooses needs to be worthy of the money that you spend on it and should be able to provide to you comfortable and memorable stays so that one can recommend them to other people visiting the city. Our wonderful stay at Hotel Grand Plaza Ambala Haryana was just that and much more. With a small child with us, there were plenty of other favors that we had asked for in the hotel and all were tended to with such promptness that I was impressed.

Hotel Grand Plaza, Ambala

Hotel Grand Plaza | Image Resource : hotelgrandplaza.co.in/gallery.html

One of the loveliest hotels of downtown Ambala, the hotel had an imposing exterior façade that was great to look at. But more importantly other than the equally beautiful interiors was the hospitality of the hotel staff. The attendants at the front office or the reception were very warm to begin with. Our check-in was done speedily and the hotel staff was quick to show us our room which was also very impressive. The hotel was reasonably priced but it had all the features of any five star properties. We had several requests with the room service and since they were related with our child the hotel staff never was ever late in bringing our orders. Even when I approached them for enquiries related with our travel to nearby places, they were very helpful and very precise with the information.

The restaurant in the hotel had lip-smacking dishes and we had no reason to go for dinner anywhere else. It was also convenient with Prabhdeep because after the dinner we could then retire straight to our hotel room. The sightseeing in the day time would generally get him very exhausted and we liked to retire early to bed to be ready and replenished for the next day’s ventures. The wonderful stay at Hotel Grand Plaza Ambala Haryana cannot be praised enough because of the sheer comfort and peace that it provided us with. The following day had Sultanpur National Park Haryana in our itinerary and we were all poised for it.

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