Brahma Sarovar, Haryana- for the Holy Dip That was Considered Very Sacred

We had to hurry up in the morning because I wanted to go to the Brahma Sarovar Haryana first thing in the morning once we were all ready to leave. I mean who misses the opportunity to get rid of all the sins and acquire the freedom from the cycle of birth and death in just one dip. Some things just need to be believed in and I did believe. However neither was it ‘Somavati Amavasya’ that day nor a solar eclipse which were the destined days for the holy dip but yet I was ready to take my chances. The ‘Somavati Amavasya’ referred to the sacred no moon day which happens on a Monday. We availed the same commute as we did the previous day and reached the place considerably fast.

Brahma Sarovar Haryana

Brahma Sarovar Haryana | Image Resource :


The Brahma Sarovar is the world’s largest man-made water body and a large chariot of Bronze could be seen in a garden in the middle of the Sarovar. The garden was called the Purshottam Bagh. There were not too many people there then but it is said that people flocked in huge numbers in the last week of November when the Deep Daan festival is held. The Deep Daan is supposedly a very famous festival when the water has floating lamps and extensive Gita Jayanti celebrations and the ‘Maha Aarti’ takes place here then. The dip is considered equivalent to the fruits of the Ashwamedha Yajna which is the most sacred yajna described in the Holy Scriptures. Through the bridge near the Sarovar we also visited the Lord Shiva Temple and sought blessings there for the health and prosperity of our family.

Sri Krishna Arjun Chariot at Brahma Sarovar

Sri Krishna Arjun Chariot at Brahma Sarovar | Image Resource :


If mythological stories are to be believed then the Brahma Sarovar Haryana is considered the sacred place from where the civilization grew; the place also finds a reference in ‘Kitab-ul-Hind’ in the memoirs of Al Beruni in the 11th century AD. I felt fortunate to be there and enjoyed quite a lot and so did my wife. My son though was dragged along with us but he would probably understand the significance of this place later on. I instructed the driver to take us to the Bhindawas Sanctuary, Haryana next.


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