Morni Hills Haryana- A Great Outdoor Locale for Great Fun and Good Times

The train reached Ambala on time. Prabhdeep was fast asleep so we had to carry him to the hotel where we were staying. Once the check in and every other formality was taken care of, we too had a good night’s sleep. I woke up early in the morning by habit and did my yoga. Whenever I travel with my family, I always pre- book all the facilities which save us from any last minute hassles. Likewise the commute to Morni Hills Haryana was also set and the car reached our hotel on time and I was informed by the hotel reception. By then we had finished our breakfast and we were ready to begin our journey.

Morni Hills Haryana

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The place is 45 kilometers away from Chandigarh and is highly recommended by everyone I spoke to. The sun was shining brightly and it was a clear cloudless day but the closer we were to the Hills, there was an unmistakable coolness in the air which was very pleasing. Nestled among the hills, the place seemed a favorite of the locals. The one thing that captivated me when we reached Morni Hills was the breathtaking views. We headed straight to the motel to catch our lunch first; when you travel with kids it is essential to look into essentials first. The food was quite up to the mark. Once we were sufficiently rested, we began to explore the place. There were trekking facilities which I had to decline for obvious reasons (who would take care of my wife and kid) but we did boating. The beauty of the nature that surrounded us seemed to have an effect on all of us. While were openly appreciative of the lovely place, my son was for once mute and rather reflective himself; he looked around which great interest and did not trouble us one bit.

Morni Hills

Morni Hills | Image Resource :


Then we went to the old fort which the guide said belonged to the queen of the Morni Hills Haryana. The pine trees, the sound of the Ghaggar River and the unpolluted surroundings were all very splendid and we spent considerable time there but had to leave for Kurukshetra (dharmakshetra) Haryana, our next sightsee.

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