The Train Travels From Chandigarh to Ambala By Klk Bme Express- A Wonderful Journey with My Lovely Son and My Beautiful Wife

Amarjit da sabnu Sasriakal! With God’s blessings and a little luck I have been able to book my tickets for the train travel from Chandigarh (cdg) to Ambala (ubc) by Klk Bme Express. I have a small little family- my son Prabhdeep and my wife and since I am an Insurance Agent, my holidays are far and few. Prabhdeep is only three so I like to go to places where the travel time can be a little less so that I do not inconvenience my child. The trip to Ambala was perfect since the journey was to take only 2 hrs at max. The train was due to depart at 10:10 and would reach Ambala station by 12, so we decided that we would finish our dinner comfortably at home and proceed to the station in time.

Chandigarh Railway Station

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The excitement of the child was very infectious. He could sense that we were taking him out and he was also doing his bit to help my wife pack, that is, he made sure that we carried his favorite toy- ‘Chota Bheem’ with us. I reveled in the happiness of my family- the smile on my wife’s face (after all it was a break for her too) and the gleam in the eyes of my son each time he when he looked at something new. They are my lifeline and would always be. The scene at the railway station was just the same; people jostled to catch their trains and moved hurriedly with their bags and baggage. The porter who was carrying our luggage was extremely swift and I had trouble keeping pace with him. My instruction to my wife was that she was to only look after Prabhdeep and I would take care of the rest.

We took our seats in the train and my wife lulled my son to sleep. The excitement had made him weary. Thus began the train travel from Chandigarh (cdg) to Ambala (ubc) by Klk Bme Express. Next morning I would take them to Morni Hills Haryana and we needed our rest for sure. I looked forward to a great trip with my family and will surely return home energized.

Klk Bme Express

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